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Mary Elizabeth

Mary Elizabeth was welcomed into her family by Seth and Sarah Washington and big brother Benjamin on January 17, 2011. She was a beautiful and petite baby girl, weighing just 5 pounds and 5 ounces. It was apparent in the first few weeks of her life that Mary Elizabeth, or ME, struggled with severe tummy pain. After being examined by many doctors and trying many medicines that did not work, ME's parents knew something was seriously not right.

Mary Elizabeth was diagnosed with a global brain injury (cerebral palsy) and a seizure disorder at just 12 weeks of age. It took ME's parents a full year to help alleviate her horrible tummy pain, that seemed to be caused because of her brain injury. After that, ME worked hard in many different therapies...for many hours a day. She tries every day to learn to hold her head up, to safely swallow without aspirating, to sit up without assistance, and to hopefully one day walk and talk. Today ME is a happy and feisty 5 year old. She is obsessed with Taylor Swift and horses. She loves her big brother and swinging outside. She has a strong and silly personality, and is thrilled when she can make someone laugh and when her brother gets in trouble. She still fights daily to learn the things that come easily to other kids. She still has to endure painful muscles spasms from the tightness of her arms and legs...and she still battles issues with her digestive system, relying on a restricted diet that is dairy and gluten free. She gets frustrated because she cannot communicate easily, and her parents know there is so much she has to say.

Just recently ME is beginning to have issues with her legs and hips, and is having major surgery on both her hips. And although this surgery will be very painful and will require a very long recovery, it is certain that Mary Elizabeth will successfully endure this challenge with her spunky spirit and a smile on her face.

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