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What was expected to be a normal birth at the hospital turned into anything but normal. Immediately after being born the doctor noticed that Landon wasn’t breathing normally and he was taken to the NICU to be more carefully examined. Upon examining Landon, it was realized that his lungs weren’t functioning correctly and he was being monitored carefully, around midnight of the first day of Landon’s life his lungs completely collapsed and he was immediately placed on a ventilating machine to breathe for him. While in the NICU many more problems were discovered, he was found to have several holes in his heart, a heart valve that wasn’t functioning properly, kidney reflux, trigonocephaly (triangular shaped head), hypospadias, as well as a few other problems. Landon spent the first 19 days of his life in the NICU and was finally released to go home on oxygen. The day that he was to go home, the doctors broke the news to us that he had a Chromosome disorder. Landon was missing a major part of his 9 th chromosome and it was known as Alfi’s syndrome. We weren’t given much information and had a lot of learning to do about this completely new thing to us. During the next few months Landon had many, many doctor visits and even several surgeries to improve some of the issues. He had a surgery on his head to fix the trigonocephaly and also had a kidney surgery and a procedure to fix the hypospadias. The heart has healed with lots of prayers and time! Landon still struggles with several issues including low muscle tone, developmental delays, and he has recently been diagnosed with a severe “S” curve in the spine which will need to be surgically repaired in the upcoming months. Landon is now 7 years old and is such a joy to be around, hw has opened many peoples eyes to how great of a God we serve! He is our walking miracle and everyone who comes in contact with Landon falls in love with him. We wouldn’t trade him for anything! Nathan & Kristen Nazworth

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