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Haydn's Story

In February, Haydn began having shoulder pain that was thought to be a sports injury. After months of physical therapy and regular x-rays, Haydn had an MRI. One hour after completing the MRI, his Orthopedist called and said that he needed to go to Children’s Hospital in New Orleans asap. Three days later he underwent exploratory surgery and had a biopsy. Haydn was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, a very aggressive bone cancer. He had a large tumor in his right humerus and the surrounding soft tissue. Thankfully the tumor was localized and had not spread. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital accepted him immediately and began treatment right away. He had 18 weeks of chemotherapy and then prepared for surgery to remove the bone/ tumor and replace it with a prosthetic and donor bone. Doctors told Haydn that they would most likely have to remove part of his rotator cuff, deltoid and a main nerve and told him that most patients having this surgery can only raise their arm up to a 45 degree angle from their side and that he would definitely not be able to raise his arm higher than his shoulder. When his team of 4 doctors performed his 8 hour surgery, they didn’t have to remove his rotator cuff or nerve, but removed 6 inches of his bone and a third of his deltoid. Doctors are hopeful that he will have more use of his arm than anticipated and Haydn is determined to beat the odds and raise his arm above his shoulder. His arm has to heal more before beginning physical therapy. His treatment calls for radiation and more chemo after surgery, but Haydn’s tumor had 93% necrosis and anything above 90% doesn’t require radiation. Last week he began another 12 weeks of chemotherapy treatment and hopes to come home in January and begin an 18 week Maintenance chemotherapy treatment. When he completes all treatments, he will have had 11 different chemotherapy drugs. He calls himself the” Golden Child” because the gold ribbon represents childhood cancer and the yellow ribbon represents bone cancer, but his doctor calls him” Steel Guy” because of his new hardware. Haydn’s condition is very serious and his treatment is aggressive and lengthy, but he is remaining positive and says that he’s killing cancer. God has left His fingerprints all over Haydn, because it’s obvious that He’s been taking care of him. Haydn has had many visitors at St. Jude, including Dr. Tommy Davis who was persistent in treating and testing Haydn.

Delivering Haydn his LSU tickets. What a remarkable young man!

At the ball game.

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