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Gracie is an 18 year old cancer survivor. Not just a one time cancer survivor, a three time survivor! At the age of 3 Gracie was diagnosed with leukemia. A protocol was in place to help her beat this diagnosis. Two years into treatment, Gracie relapsed in her central nervous system. Thus her second time to survive a cancer diagnosis. Eight days of cranial radiation were added to the treatment plan. Gracie finished 4 years and 11 months of chemotherapy and 8 days of cranial radiation. For the first time in a long time she was able to enjoy her childhood. This year in March shortly after Gracieís 18th birthday, she experienced several seizures at school. These seizures were caused from a brain tumor. An Anaplastic Astrocytoma Glioma. A very invasive and super aggressive tumor. This tumor is a secondary malignancy from the 8 days of cranial radiation that she received 10 years prior. This tumor is inoperable. But due to modern medicine and natural resources, the tumor has shrunk significantly! And with an army of prayerful friends and family, Gracie is beating cancer for a third time! As one can imagine, Gracie has endured countless traumatic events as a result of her lifeís battles with all of these cancer diagnoses. For the past several years Gracie has been enjoying something that has been mentally therapeutic and a great decompression for her from the medical trauma. As a family, we would watch Food Network. Gracie to this day loves to watch Iron Chef, Chopped, and SO many other Food Network shows. This enabled a love not only for tasting different foods for Gracie, but it stimulated a love for cooking. From cookbooks to Pinterest pins, she will peruse recipes near and far to try. She does not want help in the kitchen when she cooks. Itís her time, efforts and creativity that feed us dinner. Gracie has been to Europe twice and has been fortunate enough to try foods that she has only seen on T. V.! These travels also instilled in Gracie a love for travel. Gracie graduated Valedictorian of her senior class this past May. Plans and payments had been made for Gracie to go to Italy and Greece at the beginning of June. Sadly, Gracie was not physically able to make the trip to Italy and Greece. Radiation and chemotherapy had depleted her strength. Not being able to make the trip crushed her spirit. Gracie has had to experience a plethora a life adjustments recently. She has accepted these changes, but they have been difficult to accept. We are so very grateful for the opportunity for Gracie to be given a Give A Wish opportunity! Thank you all for allowing her this opportunity to be considered for a wish!
Gracie told the good news.    

Gracie's wish comes true.

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